Our AC Maintenance Can Save Your System From Crash Landing

Responsible owners make sure their vehicles get the routine maintenance they need. Irresponsible owners pay the price of neglecting their automobiles. Your air conditioning system is no different. It needs routine air conditioner maintenance to run efficiently, reliably and affordably.

It’s Comfort Squad to the Rescue!

Regular air conditioning maintenance in your Greater Houston, TX, home allows the experienced team at Comfort Squad to save your system from taking a nosedive. When we perform routine maintenance on your unit, we catch the small problems before they spiral out of control into much larger, more expensive problems.

That’s a Ton of Miles

According to some estimates, the average HVAC system operates about 3,300 hours per year. That’s equivalent to driving 214,500 miles at 65 miles per hour. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your system. When you don’t make a modest investment in air conditioning maintenance, it costs more to operate your system and it doesn’t perform as well. As a result, you may need to buy a new AC system earlier than expected. Plus, you should anticipate more breakdowns and higher repair bills.

It’s Only Going to Get Hotter

We’re used to hot and humid weather, averaging about 10 days each summer where the heat index climbs above 105 degrees. The experts say we will experience more and more of those days as the years pass. That means our need for dependable AC systems will grow, too. This is just another reason it’s extremely important to schedule an annual tune-up for your AC unit before the blistering hot summer season begins.

At Comfort Squad, we zero in on any potential problem and restore your AC system to its peak operating efficiency. When you join one of our membership plans, you’ll save even more and enjoy plenty of high-flying perks.

It’s Nice to be Treated as a Priority

When you’re at the airport, do you envy those passengers on the “priority list” who get to board the plane first? Well, when you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, you’ll be on our “priority list.” That means you jump ahead of everyone else when your AC system starts to plummet or conks out. Our EPA- and NATE-certified technicians will soar over to your house in the Greater Houston, TX, area to resolve the problem. Plus, you’ll receive special discounts and more.

Three Great Plans to Fuel Your Savings and Peace of Mind

Choose one of our great membership plans to experience a clutch performance from your AC system.


First Class

$30 Per Month

  • First Class Phone Line
  • Same Day Service
  • No Service Call Fees
  • No Diagnostic Fees
  • 10% Off All Repairs
  • 5% Off All Indoor Air Quality Products
  • Cooling Tune-Up & Performance Inspection
  • Air Conditioner Wash & Cleaning
  • Drain Line Treatment
  • Return Grill Vacuuming
  • Refrigerant Level Inspection
  • Airflow + Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Heating Tune-Up & Safety Inspection
  • Yearly Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Burner Assembly Cleaning
  • Igniter & Flame Sensor Cleaning
  • Gas Pressure Inspection
  • Attic Efficiency Analysis
  • Home + System Performance Report™
  • Members-Only Coupon Link
  • Free Diagnostics For Friends & Family

Additional System: $15/Month


Our Process

We’ve Created a Unique Flight Plan That Makes Us the Best Choice

We soar above the competition because our detailed, step-by-step process is unique, thorough and foolproof.

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