Our Home Energy Audits Reduce Turbulence, Save You Money!

Are your monthly energy bills too steep? Do you feel hot and cold pockets throughout your home? Is your HVAC system working overtime, but you’re still uncomfortable? These are just some of the signs that energy waste is at work within your home. Let us get you off this crazy collision course, starting with a comprehensive home energy audit designed to find—and fix—issues that are causing commotion in your Greater Houston area, TX, residence.

Keep Alert for Low-Flying Techs on a Mission!

We’ll cruise through every room of your home (at a safe altitude, of course) to pinpoint exactly how and where your home is wasting energy. Then, we’ll map out a remediation route that will improve your comfort and save you money.

Here are just some of the tests our experienced squad can perform to find energy waste:

  • Heat load testing: This helps us make sure your HVAC system is the right size. An improperly sized system isn’t efficient.
  • Blower door testing: We determine how much air is seeping out of your home through cracks and other openings.
  • Duct leak testing: Leaky ducts are major energy wasters!
  • Refrigerant leak testing: Our sophisticated detection equipment helps pinpoint these troublesome leaks.
  • And more!

Think You Don’t Need Us? Think Again!

Not concerned about energy bills in your Greater Houston, TX, area home? You should be. Here’s why: We’ve conducted home energy audits for hundreds of homeowners who thought their monthly energy costs were reasonable—only to discover through our audit that they could cut costs and improve efficiency with just a few simple energy-saving upgrades.

Our bags are packed with the tools needed to cut your energy use without compromising your comfort. They include: attic insulation, air sealing and ductwork improvements.

Schedule Your Home Energy Audit Today!

Stop wasting money on energy costs! We’re ready to cruise on over to your house and begin your home energy audit. Call Comfort Squad at 281.908.2100 or contact us on the web.

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